Our Creative Team - Chelsea Wilson


Pair her love for organizing with her love for the performance arts and you get one dedicated arts manager!


General Manager, Chelsea Wilson, has always been drawn to the creative world. Realizing, at a young age, that the performance industry involves many more people beyond those seen on stage, Chelsea found a way to pair her love for the arts, and her love for scheduling and budgeting into a dream role combo! Whether working as a Stage Manager, Production Manager, or General Manager, Chelsea loves being “behind the scenes” to help bring to life stories through performance. While Chelsea’s true passion lies within theatre, she has also been known to work in the live music and dance performance industries (though dance was on stage rather than off). There is such power in storytelling and Chelsea is so excited to be able to join the Foster Festival team to help bring joy to the community through the comedic works of Norm Foster!


When not working with the Foster Festival team, Chelsea enjoys spending time with her family, and running her own small business making all natural skincare and bath products. Chelsea has also been known to organize community events throughout Niagara and Kitchener-Waterloo region.


Chelsea has worked with the Foster Festival as a Stage Manager, an Assistant Stage Manager and as a Production Manager, and she is thrilled to be taking on a full time role within the company!

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