General Auditions




The Foster Festival holds general auditions every year. Due to COVID-19 we are still not certain what our programming will be for our 2021 summer season. That being said, we would love to meet as many artists as possible – in a new way.


In our desire to reflect the world and our community on our stage, The Foster Festival is committed to diverse, inclusive casting. We are seeking video submission from all performers, without regard to race, age, disability or ability, ethnicity or gender identity. We understand the importance of providing equitable and inclusive creative spaces and have committed to establishing diverse artistic teams as we understand the global need for systems to change. We encourage you to submit as your most authentic self, with the assurance that our audition panel will review your submission equitably.


Our audition panel consists of Emily Oriold (Artistic Producer), Candice Turner-Smith (Business Manager) and Norm Foster (Playwright) between which will view every submission in its entirety. We look forward to expanding our awareness of the tremendous talent that makes up our industry and to meeting each of you.


Please direct any questions to

Please Note:

The video submission should not exceed 4 minutes total. You should be well lit in your video, and the audio should come through clearly.




      1. Brief introduction – Tell us a bit about yourself.
      2. Artistic content – Share something with us that best expresses who you are as a performer – please keep in mind we do produce Norm Foster comedies so we recommend picking material that is comedic in nature. Monologues, scenes with a fellow performer and songs welcome.