UPDATE – November 13

Niagara Region is using a class order under Section 22 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act to make changes at the region’s bars, restaurants, wineries and breweries.


After 14 cases of COVID-19 were contracted while dining out over the past month, the region is taking targeted measures to address the rise in cases in the food and alcohol sector.


If you dine out, you must only be seated with members of your own household, a caregiver or an essential social contact.

Attestation that the patron is joining a table with only household members, and / or a maximum of two persons who are essential to maintaining physical and mental health, such as caregivers or social supports to someone who lives alone. 


There is already a maximum of 6 people seated at a table.


Safety Messages

  • Measures implemented at all our partners restaurants allow guests to continue to follow the advice of public health officials around social distancing, washing hands frequently, avoiding high-touch surfaces and avoiding groups or gatherings larger than 10.
  • The Foster Festival will continue to closely monitor all announcements from the Province and will update our policies and procedures accordingly.
  • Guests are required to wear a mask indoors except when eating or sitting down at a table to eat. Getting up from a table (e.g. to use the restroom) would require the mask being worn again.
  • All guests will be required to provide their name and contact information.


Health and Safety Measures

  • The Foster Festival and all our partner restaurants are following industry leading standards around health and safety at all of its restaurants.
  • Staff are provided with safety training to ensure all health and safety requirements are met at all times.
  • All culinary employees are required to wear face masks at all times.
  • All employees must complete a screening questionnaire before the start of their shift to ensure they are not experiencing any symptoms.
  • Enhanced cleaning measures are in place including hourly cleaning of washrooms and all high-touch surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizer is available for all staff and guests.
  • Restaurants are operating at a reduced capacity and guests will be seated in a manner that allows for maximum space between guests.

For additional information, please visit the Region of Niagara website

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