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The Ontario Performing Arts economic impact is over $27 billion each year and exceeds the province’s mining, forestry, agriculture, fishing, oil and gas industries combined. More than 55% of Ontarians attend plays or musicals every year.


Every $1 invested in the performing arts generates $17.75. The average Ontario arts & culture tourist spends 2x as much per trip as does a typical tourist.


Perhaps even more impactful than numbers, our shows are deeply funny and lift people’s spirits which supports the wellbeing and mental health of our community. The presence of arts is linked to increased neighborhood livability, community identity, and social wellbeing.


Research ties the benefits of arts participation to the informal education and empowerment of the community, and to a sense of pride and community ownership.

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Your gift, no matter the type, is greatly appreciated. 


Support from our Corporate Sponsors, Friends and Volunteers makes it possible for us to do what we do.


The Arts means more to our community than just numbers. It’s a way for us to connect to our audiences through laughter, through storytelling, and through heartfelt shared experiences that we find ourselves reflecting on long after the final bow. Arts & Culture deepens our connection to one another and enriches our lives.


Sponsorships and Donations make up the 35% difference between ticket sales and our total operating costs. The funds we recieve from sponsors and donors ensures we are able to bring Humour With Heart to the Heart of Niagara

1812 by Norm Foster | Jesse Dwyre, Edmond Clark & Lisa Horner

Ways YOU Can Show Your Support

Corporate Sponsor

Corporate Sponsor

If the arts interest you, if you like to laugh and if you'd like to contribute to the health of our community, there are many ways in which your support can help.

Donate & Membership

Donate & Membership

We can't do it without you. Help us continue to achieve our trademark Humour with Heart by Donating a Quarter to Become a Supporter OR Donate to Become a Foster Friends Circle Member!



Volunteering with The Foster Festival is a great way to support arts and culture in our St. Catharines community and you get to do it with a great group of people.