2017 - Screwball Comedy - Cosette Derome & Kevin Hare

Corporate Partnerships

We can’t do it without you. 

There are many ways in which your corporate support can help The Foster Festival – and in turn we can help your organization take the spotlight and enjoy an exciting evening of live theatre!


As a not-for-profit theatre organization, corporate donations cover a significant portion of our annual operating and production costs. It is through this corporate support that we are able to execute and maintain the vision of The Foster Festival to bring more laughter to our Niagara community.


If you like to laugh and you’d like to contribute to the health of our community, there are many ways in which your support can help.


We’ll take the time to find the right fit for your organization in order to maximize the exposure and benefits of sponsorship for both your organization and our festival.

2019 - Hilda's Yard Artists Talkback

 The Foster Festival Community Impact

Tickets Sold in 4 Seasons
Million dollars Economic Impact for St. Catharines 
World Premiers of Norm Foster Plays
Hours of Arts enrichment for kids in Niagara with our Youth Drama Club
Volunteer Hours by our amazing supporters