Local Attractions

There is so much to do in St. Catharines. After taking in The Foster Festival, we encourage you to check out one of the many attractions that the City has to offer. It’s easy to find your next adventure in St. Catharines!

St. Catharines Welland Canals Centre Museum

1932 Welland Canals Parkway, St. Catharines, ON L2R 7K6

(905) 984-8880


The St. Catharines Museum and Welland Canals Centre is home to extraordinary historical collections and exhibits that feature local St. Catharines perspectives, artifacts and stories of the area and its canals, exciting museum events, educational programs and tours, room rentals, a packed gift shop, the storied Lacrosse Hall of Fame and Museum, and much more.


The St. Catharines Museum is open to the public by donation. Suggested donation is $5


The Brown Homestead

1317 Pelham Rd, St. Catharines, ON L2R 6P7

(905) 328-1646


Home to the oldest house in St. Catharines, The Brown Homestead is re-imagining historic sites as engines of progress and development. Visitors to their site can explore the John Brown House, containing the original stone house built in 1796, as well as a number of historic outbuildings including the Norton Cabin, home of Mohawk Chief Teyoninhokarawen (Major John Norton) built in 1817.

Craft Beer, Beverages, and Wine

St. Catharines, Ontario


Experience world-class, award-winning wines, locally cultivated craft beer and homegrown spirits from over 150 producers right here in the Niagara Region.  From the downtown core to the beachy shore, enjoy a glass, a pint or a cocktail at one of our many wineries, pubs, restaurants and patios.


Explore the Niagara Wine Route and Niagara Ale Trail by car, foot or bike.