David Rowan

Whit's End

Stage Credits:

  • Thank You For Being A Friend (Bruce Dow, dir.)
  • Equus (Segal Centre)
  • Twistory (Magic Studio Productions)
  • Sincerely, The Rebels Club (DV8 Productions)
  • The Mousetrap (The LOT)
  • PRTNR (DV8 Productions)
  • Carousel (Orpheus)


Film/TV Credits:

  • The Madness (Netflix)
  • Gen V (Amazon)
  • Murdoch Mysteries (Shaftsbury)
  • Mayday (Disney)
  • American Gods (Amazon)
  • Cruel Intentions (Sony Pictures)
  • The Big Cigar (Warner Bros)


Currently developing a web-series, as well as a feature screenplay. David is excited and grateful for the opportunity to originate a role in one of Norm’s wonderful plays.