2022 | 1812 by Norm Foster | Fort George National Historic Site | Audience with Jesse Dwyre, Patricia Yeatman & David Nairn

Past Seasons

With five outstanding seasons under our belt – including one online! – The Foster Festival has succeeded in producing a fully professional and highly acclaimed theatre festival in the heart of Niagara!


FORE! From the front 9 to the back 9,
many surprises, secrets and confessions
come to the surface during the ladies’
round of play.

A delightful Christmas comedy that involves two people meeting for the first time at a Dec 23'rd dinner at their apartment building's Holiday party.


The Foster Festival’s Normflix Series, our new definition of Norm(al)! Watch as Norm Foster answers questions from you, our Foster Friends & Fans!

The Foster Festival’s Normflix Series, our new definition of Norm(al)! Watch some of our favourite scenes from three of Norm Foster's Greatest Hits!

A tree lot. Christmas Eve. One man. One woman. One tree. Who should get the tree? It’s a story filled with laughs, heartache, and good old-fashioned Holiday spirit.


Full of compassion and Foster's trademark Humour with Heart, The Writer explores the parent child connection with touching clarity as the paternal care-giver becomes the cared for. World Premiere!

Set in 1956, this delightful comedy sparkles with unexpected twists and turns. Hilda’s Yard reunites Norm Foster & Artistic Director Patricia Vanstone as Sam & Hilda Fluck. Holy toot! You’re going to love it!

Reuniting Norm Foster and composer Steve Thomas - co-creators of audience favourites Jasper StationRace Day and Sitting PrettyBeside Myself is a sweet musical examination of love lost and found.


Wrong For Each Other

Wrong For Each Other takes us on an emotional ride that examines the evolution of a marriage with humour and vulnerability.

Come Down From Up River

Come Down From Up River explores family and forgiveness with a healthy dose of laughter sprinkled with tears.

Renovations for Six

After taking in this comedy by Canada's most popular playwright, you’ll never look at a paint chip again without laughing…or cringing! 


Screwball Comedy

Full of snappy period dialogue reminiscent of the best cinematic screwball comedies, this world premiere sparkles with humour.

Old Love

Bud’s recently divorced. Molly’s newly-widowed. Norm Foster's Old Love is a story of courtship, rekindled romance and hope.


A little love and a little mystery. Be prepared to laugh and gasp at all the twists and turns in Norm Foster's newest comedy, Lunenburg.


On a First Name Basis

This delightful play tells the story of a very successful, but cantankerous, novelist who suddenly discovers that he knows nothing about his maid of 28 years.

Here On The Flight Path

Sex, love, life and loss are all discussed with big laughs and a few tears in what many describe as the funniest play Norm Foster has ever written.

Halfway There

Sugar and spice and everything nice…with a dash of Maritime salt! Halfway There is a feel good theatrical experience that will keep you smiling.

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