2018 - Wrong For Each Other

Like a fine wine, Wrong For Each Other is Vintage Norm Foster at his absolute best!


How can things which begin so right end up so wrong? Four years after their divorce, Norah and Rudy meet by chance in a big-city restaurant. Overcoming the awkwardness of the situation, they decide to have lunch together. Despite very different backgrounds, or maybe because of it, they once were deeply in love and maybe still are…Wrong For Each Other takes us on an emotional ride that examines the evolution of a marriage with humour and heart and vulnerability. Like a fine wine, Wrong For Each Other is Vintage Foster at his absolute best!


Daniel BriereRudy Sorenson 
Julia PorterNorah Case


Jim MezonDirector
Peter Hartwell, Set & Costume Designer
Davida Tkach, Lighting Designer

Production Team

Carolyn Mackenzie, Stage Manager
Ada Aguilar, Apprentice Stage Manager
Brian Cumberland, Production Manager