Those Movies by Norm Foster

World Premiere!

July 4 – 14, 2024


Harry and Patrick are best friends. Patrick needs somewhere to stay for a few weeks, so he moves in with Harry. Harry works at the local Hospital as the north barrier gate operator and he has recently drummed up the courage to ask the south barrier gate operator, Millie Bell, out on a date. She’s expected to arrive at Harry’s apartment any minute. Millie’s cousin Chelsea is visiting from out-of-town and Millie does not want to leave Chelsea alone at home. Suddenly the couples find themselves on a double-date. Patrick worries that the evening will unfold like one of “Those Movies” and Chelsea is going to fall head over heels for him. Is Patrick right? Will the evening unfold like one of “Those Movies?” A heartwarming tale about how love can surprise you and be found in unexpected places…perhaps not always in the romantic sense.


Jamie Cavanagh as Patrick

Dana Fradkin as Chelsea

Heather McGuigan as Millie

Tyler Lionel Parr as Harry


Lisa Horner, Director 

Beckie Morris, Set Designer

Alex Amini, Costume Designer

Alex Sykes, Lighting Designer

Production Team

Emily OrioldArtistic Director

Jamie Williams, Artistic Associate

Zakk Milne, Technical Director

Abby Malcolm, Production Assistant


Mandeville Theatre, Ridley College

2 Ridley Road, St. Catharines

Creative & Production Team