2023 - Danny and Delilah

When high school student Delilah Rasheed goes to live with seventy-two year old Daniel Becker and his guidance counselor daughter Sherry for a month, Daniel and Delilah experience a generational and a cultural clash that results in a hilarious, deeply touching and eye-opening connection. Foster’s newest play Danny & Delilah is a heartwarming and often laugh-out-loud tale about how friendship can be found in the unlikeliest of places.


Taran Bamrah as Delilah Rasheed

Erin MacKinnon as Sherry Becker

Peter Millard as Daniel Becker

Karen Wood as Muriel Greene


Marcia Kash, Director 

Brian Dudkiewicz, Set Designer

Alexa Fraser, Costume Designer

Ken Garrett, Lighting Designer

Production Team

Emily OrioldArtistic Producer

Jamie Williams, Artistic Associate
Myra A. Malley, Stage Manager
Shannon Fletcher, Apprentice Stage Manager


Mandeville Theatre, Ridley College

2 Ridley Road, St. Catharines

Thank You Season, Opening Night, and Production Sponsors